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I don't know why it is but I really like my homemade salsa to have a little bit of finely diced habaneros in it.

If you don't know what a habanero is you are missing out on a small orange pepper that is really, really hot.

I was making some salsa and I had just chopped and diced one little orange habanero. The phone rang and I quickly rinsed my fingers and then grabbed the phone.

A smart person would have used some judgment and realized the fundamental truth of phone calls. Phone calls are always urgent bur rarely important. The phone is making noise - it is ringing - that is urgent. You have to jump up and grab it right now. But it could be a wrong number. You just can't put a value on the content of the call. That is unimportant.

I jumped. I washed my fingers poorly. I grabbed the phone and answered it.

In retrospect I believe that my big mistake accrued at exactly that point in time. The call was from somebody that I wanted to talk to. That is good!

About five minutes into the call a fruit fly decided that the right hole in the side of my head really looked like a fruit fly airport and buzzed it. It is something that small flies do on a regular basis. They buzz things. They can't help it. It is their nature.

My brain noticed that there was a buzzing noise near this sensing organ (my ear) and swiped a hand near it to get rid of the annoyance. At that point in time it was not a big deal.

In the process of swiping this disturbed the perfect tranquility of the ear. The ear now decide that it needed a scratch and sent a signal to the brain to get that hand back for a little bit of attention.

The brain complied!

Have you ever seen an African dog running in circles to tread down the savanna grass before laying down. Modern dogs do this too. Six or seven quick turns and then they lay down.

At that point my fingers scratched the ear. This transfered some of the really, really hot habanero juice hot - to my ear. It felt kind of like driving a hot dagger into the side of my head. My eye on that side closed the other one popped wide open and produced a stream of tears. My nose joined in the complaint and decided to produce an instant batch of snot.

Then I did my dog imitation. I started running in circles to trample down the non-existent grass.

I have no clue what the person on the other end of the phone conversation thought at that moment.

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Summary: # of Words: 627
Author: Philip J. Schlump
Published On: 2013-11-15


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