Cayenne Peper Number 528 Of 528

Today was a momentous day. I discovered number 528 of 528. Yes I went from 527 things to not do with hot peppers to 528.

It was cayenne pepper today. Just a simple little sprinkle of it!

Can you imagine after all the years of eating hot peppers and loving them that a singe sprinkle of cayenne would have any effect?

It did!

It was BAD!

I made some popcorn. My wife and I eat plane popcorn as a sank. Low in calories and very little fat (we don't add butter).

I grabbed a small bole and tossed a couple of handfuls of popcorn in it. Just on a random thought I wondered what a little cayenne pepper would be like on popcorn.

So a shake of red… and I grabbed a hand full and tossed it in my mouth.

The first crunch of peppered popcorn was good!

The problem started with the second. It seems that popcorn has a natural talent of distributing it's essence up into your nasal passages as you eat.

The problem was that it's essence was now coated with hot pepper. The hot pepper traveled mercilessly into my olfactory region.

In a second I was over the sink coughing, crying sneezing and snorting. I blew my nose a half a dozen times. I hacked. I coughed. I cried.

My head hasn't been that clear for weeks! I was still feeling the burn of peppers in my sinuses six hours later.

Thus: Rule 528 of 528 - Never never never put cayenne pepper on popcorn. In fact don't put any hot peppers on popcorn at all. Never!

p.s. I just edited this. I wrote it right after the incident happened. I have never made so many spelling and grammar errors in my life! Clearly a nose full of pepper has a more long lasting effect on you brain that I ever imagined!

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Summary: # of Words: 408
Author: Philip J. Schlump
Published On: 2013-11-15


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